Our muse: Alyssa Kau

Alyssa Kau is a fitness instructor who travels the world from season to season. From her summer fitness gigs in Singapore to skiing in harsh, cold winters abroad, we speak to her about her passion, hobbies, and how she embodies mindfulness in her day-to-day. 

Tell me a bit about yourself!

I am a certified Yoga Instructor (RYT 200 Yoga Alliance) and Personal Trainer (ACE Certified). I’ve been in the fitness industry for many years, and have worked for fitness studios across Singapore teaching yoga, barre, boxing and HIIT. I spend my summers in Singapore, and my winters in ski resorts teaching skiing and working in hospitality.


If you could describe your passion in one sentence, what would it be?

I love bringing out the best in people by challenging and inspiring them (in and out of the studio).

How did you discover your love for fitness and when?

My love for fitness started in law school! It was a way for me to de-stress, reconnect, realign and recentre. 

What does ‘being mindful’ mean to you?

Being mindful means being present and patient with yourself. Honouring your body and your thoughts. 

Tell us about some of your favourite mindful routines you love!

I spend at least 5 minutes every day meditating. 

The collection is inspired by the mindful routines we love and the choice we make each day to show up for and be present, even when it’s hard. We want to convey that personal choice; the choice to be glad in the midst of difficult seasons and to say “It is Well”. What does this mean to you? Is there an experience you’ve been through where this might apply?

This season has been particularly difficult for me as a freelance instructor. Being forced home by the virus with disrupted plans and uncertainty. I’ve learnt to be easy on myself and take each day as it comes. If you cannot change the situation you are in you can change your reaction to it.

What is something that you’ve learnt through your mindful routines and the pursuit of an active lifestyle?

Your body is your only home. Take good care of it, keep it healthy, stretch it, love it and honour it.

What is something that you’d like to share with someone that’s just getting started with an active lifestyle?

Take your time, don’t rush into things, honour the pace of your body and keep breathing!

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