Inspiration behind the design:

In Its Time


Our launch design, In Its Time was designed in-house by one of our co-founders. As with every creative process, our first step in this creative direction meant a lot for us. It represents the brand, our values and our voice, and we thought we'd share that with you here.


Inspired by the seasons of life, our launch design In Its Time represents how the different seasons, milestones and trials have its purpose and place in its perfect time. 

We used shapes. colours to represent the fluidity of seasons. These seasons come in waves, where we adapt and move around these roadblocks, conquer milestones and claim victories that we might not have expected to face. 


This year as we launched our brand, the chaos of the global pandemic forced so many of us to re-tune and adjust our lives. And that was incredibly de-stabilising to say the least.

Serena - Headstand-8.jpg

"...everything will work out in its time"

But through the difficult seasons, we took heart that everything will work out in its time. No matter how crazy some situations might seem, our perseverance and hope are what will carry us through. 

Through that, we found strength by pursuing the little joys of life! We started to take runs, walks, grocery runs together.  We treated ourselves to pastries and cakes occasionally and cherished these little moments so much more.  We took random drives around the city to appreciate the sky, the trees that lined our roads, the breeze.

And we saw other people trudging along this journey as well. 

Through all that, we started to see things from another perspective. Through this season, through the friction of living with others in closer proximity, through the waiting, we found hope. 


We saw beauty in the harshest moments and realised, hey, we're an art piece in the making! We are an amalgamation of our wins and losses - our victories and our battle scars that gives life flavour and beauty. 

Serena - ECP - First Location-100.jpg
Serena - ECP - First Location-17.jpg

"We are an amalgamation of our wins and losses - our victories and our battle scars that gives life flavour and beauty."

Green Mat Mirror-7.jpg
Green Mat Mirror-4.jpg

We hope that this mat will remind you of that! That even in your own homes, which we designed to complement your living space, that it inspires and encourage you daily to move and take one day at a time. 

To take heart in uncertain situations, knowing that certainly, we will conquer it together again. 

Serena - ECP - First Location-62.jpg